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All works including artwork, written work, and photography are the property of Daria Cyr and protected under strict copyright laws. This includes any works on websites, printed works, gift items, book formats, and exerpts and images posted online. No original works may be copied for commercial or personal use without the expressed written permission of Daria Cyr, author artist. This includes book cover images, book exerpts, written statements on website by author/artist, background image photography/art. 

Copyrights are protected both domestically in the USA and internationally.

All works have been filed with the United States Copyright Department or is in processing.


(c)2020, Daria Cyr, and its affiliates and assigns and licensors

All rights reserved


Peace on Earth Publishing owned by Daria Cyr.

Holy Night Gallery, LLC is owned by Daria Cyr.

Joyful Creatures is owned by Daria Cyr.


Joyful Creatures is a Trademark of Daria Cyr - trademark in process.

Trademarks may be registered in some jurisdictions.

All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


Portions (c) 2018, 2019, all works prior under copyright laws, Daria Cyr

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