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revised Journey Under Heaven Part 2 cove

God gets all the glory!

"Daria Cyr has the gift for storytelling and the uncanny ability to bring to life the inner worlds of her characters..."

The Book Commentary

Journey Under Heaven

Part Two


In Journey Under Heaven Part Two of my first realistic Christian story for adults, you will embark through the pages set in an historical era, where times may have been different but many situations mirror that of today. The second part takes up where the first left off and emphasizes that letting go of the past, forgiving as well as seeking forgiveness is essential to allow God's loving hand guide you into your destiny.

Mature subjects and realistic issues are woven throughout, while the mercy and grace of God holds true.

None of my work is changed by editorial  middle-men. 

I write the exact story God gives me. 

It is not altered in any way .

What you read is EXACTLY the story the Lord downloaded into my spirit.

This is a promise for all my work.

Daria Cyr

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